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This is a very simple dinner, something I throw together to use up leftovers, beans in particular.  I'll post my bean recipe later on, though that's pretty simple, too.  You can also brown up some ground beef, or sometimes I like to stir-fry up some chicken with some bell peppers and throw that in there.

As you can see, I chopped up olives, tomato, grated cheese, and cooked up some homemade tortillas.  The homemade tortillas make this, I haven't bought tortillas since I first made these.

Looks tasty on the plate, doesn't it.  Here's a link to the tortilla recipe I use:

Homemade Tortillas

This is the first recipe that I ever saw that suggested mixing dry ingredients with a whisk, and now that's my favorite way.  A couple things, if you make these tortillas:

I make each tortilla about 58g, give or take a gram. If you don't have a kitchen scale, just divide them up by eye.  Some end up bigger or smaller, but no big deal.

I cook these on a dry cast iron skillet at medium, and I let it heat up a long time before I use it. I cook them for about 30-35 seconds on a side. The photos above are actually a little overcooked; they get crunchy and cracker-like when overdone.

It says to roll out all the dough balls first, but when I did that and piled them up, they stuck to each other.  I could put paper towels between them (what a waste!) or I could roll them out as I go.  I cook one while rolling the next until they're done.

I find they store pretty well in the fridge in a gallon storage bag, and heat up easily in the microwave the next day.

If you want me to post the recipe with my own pictures and comments, let me know.

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